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Laura Dickson Studio

Mini Rainbow Weaving

Mini Rainbow Weaving

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I have been in love with rainbows since I was a girl. I remember running through our pastures chasing down the end of a rainbow to find my luck. That passion was suppressed as I got older and is now re-emerging as I spend more time making art. Rainbows are beautiful and can cheer up any room whether it's a nursery for a brand new baby, a kid's play room, or your colorful living room. You can hang it on any wall and it will make you smile everyday.

A weaving is a beautiful piece of art to add to your collection. The textures create an interesting contrast between photos, other artwork and itself. My weavings are made with a variety of yarns including vintage, reclaimed and/or handspun yarn and are handcrafted giving each piece it's own unique look.

➣ This is a ready to ship, woven wall hanging.
➣ The piece is made with acrylic yarn, wool roving, a cotton warp and hung on a wooden dowel.
➣ DIMENSIONS are 4" wide and 13" long including the dowel and the fringe. The dowel measures 3.5" wide.
➣ The colors in this weaving are teal blue, white, velvety pink, pastel yellow, mint green, sky blue, and lavender purple.
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