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Laura Dickson Studio

Felted Saguaro Cactus Magnet

Felted Saguaro Cactus Magnet

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This awesome felted saguaro cactus magnet is shipped with an extra magnet so that it can be used as a magnetic pin or magnetic decor.

A felted magnet is a cool accessory to add to your home decor and makes opening the fridge or looking at your to-do list even more exciting and fun! The contrasting textures of the wool and the stitching create an almost 3-dimensional look. My magnets are handmade which makes each piece unique and special. Due to this handmade nature, each item varies slightly.

➣ This is a ready to ship, felted saguaro cactus magnet.
➣ The piece is made with wool on an acrylic piece of felt, then stitched with polyester thread.
➣ DIMENSIONS are 0.75"x 2.25" at it's widest and longest points.
➣ The colors in this pin are a variety of greens.
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