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Laura Dickson Studio

Black and White Weaving

Black and White Weaving

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This woven wall hanging was a happy accident. I was experimenting and at first I thought it was a failure. After walking away and coming back, I looked at it differently and it is now my new favorite! A weaving is a beautiful piece of art to add to your collection. They stand out and look fantastic in any room and setting. The textures create an interesting contrast between photos, other artwork and itself. My weavings are made with a variety of yarns including vintage, reclaimed and/or handspun yarn giving each piece it's own unique look.


➣ This is a ready to ship woven wall hanging.
➣ The piece is made with wool yarn, acrylic yarn, a cotton warp and hung on a wooden dowel.
➣ DIMENSIONS are 22" wide and 20" long including the dowel and the fringe. The dowel measures 25"" wide.
➣ The colors in this weaving are black, white and grey.
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